Andy Kvernmo

We chose Andy because he is Mr. consistency. Andy shows up early for every 5:30am class and gets a group of guys going for ROMWOD. He is always positive and coacable and that is seen through him spending time after class working on weaknesses including some members too! He sets a great positive example and brings that much more to our loving gym community.

Tell us a little about yourself…

My name is Andy Kvernmo, I work for Luxury Auto Mall here in Sioux Falls as the Cadillac Brand Manager and Finance Director. My wife Jody and I have two amazing kids Caden, (17) who is a senior at Roosevelt and Ella, (14) who is a freshman at Roosevelt. We also have a dog named Baxter… Love them all dearly!!

Why CrossFit?

I was introduced to CrossFit when I started bringing my son out to a gym in Tea. They worked with youth on developing strength to increase all around athleticism. After watching him for 2 weeks and seeing the other adults do their CrossFit workouts and talking with them all, I was co-erced by the other members to give it a shot. It was a great switch from doing P90x and Insanity in my basement at 9:30 at night! I think Walt Disney said it best when he said, “The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.”

What are the biggest improvements you’ve made since starting?

When I think about improvements, there are so many…. Needless to say that when I started CrossFit I didn’t know what a Muscle Up, Hang Power Snatch or hardly any of these movements were. Not to mention all the abbreviations… HSW, T2B, MU, WOD, AKBS, HHPCL, HHPSN, BBJO to name a few… I mean what the heck…?

I love coming to CrossFit Pho’s and getting coached by the staff! It is amazing to me how the smallest tweak can improve your performance and help you hit those PR’s or “Gold Stars” we all try to achieve. As much as I LOVE those stars… It seems my age is starting to catch up to me. I am figuring out that a person can learn more from their failures than their successes…. However, those same failures also keep us coming back and help us build character!

What fitness goals do you have for yourself this year?

Flexibility and Endurance… There are so many things centered around both of these in CrossFit and your day to day life. I feel that since I’ve started to do RomWod before class it has started to improve my flexibility. By no means it has made me into a human pretzel. I have a long way to go, but look forward to the challenge.

How do you manage to stay consistent with your gym attendance?

I have to say that I am addicted to it!! As I continue to get older I realized that I would like to be active for many years to come. I believe that by staying committed to this, it’s not only beneficial for me but it is also setting a good example for my kids and the people around me. Through CrossFit I have met many people and made many lasting friendships. We all seem to hold each other accountable and I also like the friendly competition we have at the gym! (AKA… 5:30 am class participants:-) )

What is your favorite “Free Time” activity?

I’m a homebody… If I’m not watching my kids compete in any of their activities you will find me relaxing at the lake or on my couch-probably shopping for the next piece of CrossFit equipment, brace or tech that I could incorporate into my workout routine.

If you were stranded on island… what 3 items would you bring with?

Sunscreen… most of you know that I am pasty white since I like to work out with my shirt off. I burn SUPER easy!! Second.. an endless supply of tape… I absolutely love to have tape on my thumbs for all the workouts, even if we are just going for a run.. I am very fragile. It would also help me build a hut on the island. Lastly, I would need caffeine.. if it’s pre, post, mid morning or afternoon… I need that pick-me-up!!!

What do you like most of Phos?

Community and Coaches… You hear stories about the weird Crossfit community, but at Pho’s it’s different. It’s truly about encouragement and shared experiences among the entire group. It’s not about being the best, it’s about you getting better, stronger, healthier and about learning something new, banding together to help each other! Also, who doesn’t like having a coach yell at you from across the gym to get your butt down lower, don’t round your back, don’t drop it or go FASTER!!  I feel that CrossFit Pho’s is another family. We all go out of our way to help each other!