Jason Wallen has been nominated for August’s member of the month. Jason was nominated because of your willingness to always help members in the gym, your positive attitude and lastly because you have hit the Crossfit decade mark!

Tell us a little about yourself:

Jason Wallen, Age 40 – I have a family of 5; Wife Shanna who is super supportive and tolerates a lot; Daughter Rialey (17); son Dawson (15) whom many of you see with me in the gym occasionally; and daughter Jaida (11). Like many families, even though I said we’d never have a dog, the pandemic destroyed our sanity and judgment, so we added, Harry, who is a nine month old Cockapoo. Shanna and I have given up on many personal interests at this stage of life to become personal Uber drivers for the three kids, between activities, friends and sports our lives are fairly full. Many of you also know my family has been involved in the Catfish Bay Waterski Show for many many, many years now. It’s fun to do something the entire family is part of. There are several ski acts that I get to ski with my daughters and alongside my son. Fun times.

How & when did you get introduced to Crossfit? What made you want to continue coming?

I was introduced to Crossfit in 2011, a decade of fitness! I started at a relatively new CF gym, Crossfit Dunamis. I’ve since stayed on through several transitions, CF Phos Location 1, Location 2, Location 3; and now CF Phos and Frontier Performance. But I told them, this is it! I’m never moving your equipment again!

What’s one goal you’re really proud of accomplishing since you started Crossfit?

Tough question to answer as I don’t tend to spend a lot of time celebrating success, I generally check the box and move on to the next objective. I’m more proud to just look back at the entire journey, there was a time I couldn’t do more than 2 strict pull-ups, a year of practicing double-unders, needing multiple mats to do a HSPU, ungraceful falls on HS Walks, 2 ACL tears and recoveries. You cover a lot of ground in 10 years; but you don’t have to be the most talented individual to see success. Commitment + Time is a foolproof equation for anyone’s goals. It’s put me in a spot of being in better shape at 40 years old than I was at 30.

Do you feel like aspects of your time in the gym actually carry over into the rest of your life? If so, how?

Being a dad, there are fleeting moments where you know what you’re doing is right for your kids (many other moments of having no clue); Showing them commitment to something and toughness, dedication and the values of taking care of your body through exercise and diet are what I’ve seen carry through lately to those most important to me. It’s easy to forget, but even as teenagers, several eyes are watching their parents.

If you could bring back any fashion trend what would it be?

Seriously? I’m a 40-year-old white dude, I don’t know fashion. I haven’t been in a clothing store in over decade, I am dressed by my wife…I have no right to answer this question. But maybe recently it’s bringing back the baggy basketball shorts; this 7-inch inseam stuff lately makes me feel naked!

And finally, what do you appreciate most about Phos?

I appreciate being around like-minded people. There is a common theme of fitness and health that brings people of different ages and from all aspects of life together. There are connections and relationships built within the Phos community that you’d struggle to get started anywhere else.

With Jason having 10 years under his belt a few people wanted to say their favorite memory about him.

Rachel Lynass

“I’ve had the privilege of knowing Jason for over a decade and the privilege of competing with him more than any other person over the years! I’ve always enjoyed working out with Jason because he’s not only an amazing athlete; however, but he is also a pretty cool human. Some of my favorite memories are actually just the conversations in the car on the way to competitions! In his roles as a coach, competitor, and gym member, I have found his presence to be welcoming, his work ethic inspiring, and his character even more so. Cheers to a decade!”

Luke Smidt

“Jason was one of the first people I met when I moved to Sioux Falls and joined Phos 1.0. He was super welcoming and made Phos feel right at home. Flash forward 5 years to being on a team with him at the Granite Games and taking 2nd in our division. Always the voice of positivity and mental strength.”

Albert Huizing

“Jason has always been the person when I first met him I instantly looked up to. Next, it’s crazy he can still stick with me in most workouts. I hope in 10 years I am able to be in the shape that this guy is in. Please keep up your joyful character on the gym floor, at the water-skiing greatest show on earth and with your family. You truly are an amazing person, and I am glad that you have made it to 10-year mark!”